Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 8: Outside The Window

This is the closest window to me.  I do not have a window seat.  I am okay without a window.  I am okay where I am right now.  I have the perfect desk area.  I'm on the far west side.  No reason for many to venture over here.  Every once in a while I get up and wander.  I mostly, you know, work.

That's my view when I get up and want some sunshine.  I get to look at the Federal Building and a parking lot.  I work on the edge of the Government district.  Our building is fairly busy with the public, which I do not have to interact with any longer.  I just have to talk to people on the phone and I am okay with that too.

What's the view out your window?  Hopefully, it's prettier than mine.

Also, the video below kinda goes with the topic I didn't write on yesterday.  It's toward the end when he explains, you don't really write/vlog for yourself but for others....

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