Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's fixed!

Finally.  Finally.  Finally.  My air conditioner is fixed.  It decided to stop working on June 3rd.  That weekend was just bad.  It wasn’t the problem we had initially thought.  It was a much cheaper thing to fix.  How does that happen?!?  I’m super grateful it did though.  The house wasn’t too bad until this last past weekend.  I finally relented and asked for help.  I cannot ask for help.  It is hard for me to ask for help.  I want to feel like I can figure everything out on my own.  On Monday, I couldn’t take the heat anymore.  It was 87° degrees in the house, plus all the humidity.  I can take the heat; I just can’t take the humidity.  I had called numerous companies to see if they would come and fix it, but all of them refused.  They refused because I have a crawl space.  My crawl space isn’t teeny tiny where you actually have to crawl.  I can stand up where the furnace and water heater are (I’m 5’4).  Someone who is taller will have to watch their heads.  I messaged my friend, Sharon.  Her husband, Paul, he’s a miracle worker!  He had the AC fixed within an hour.  We suffered because I was stubborn.  Don’t be stubborn, don’t suffer.  Get your stuff fixed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to actually be able to sleep and not sweat.  I only sleep really well when it’s cold.  I cannot express how thankful I am.
I had to miss Peyton's baseball game with this.  I apologized in advance.  He was so happy when he came home though, he didn't care that I had missed the game.
I finished a couple of chem labs.  I snapchatted it.  I am a dork.  I know this.  But someone complained that I wasn't snapchatting like I used to and needed to step it up, so step it up I did.

Alli is at day camp this week.  She is one of the "Teen" helpers now.  Where did my little girl go?  She got to spend the night Sunday and go rappelling and swimming and all the fun camp stuff on Monday because the younger girls came.  On Tuesday, she had to start working.  She is leading the fire builder class.  I know she is doing great at it.  I keep having to remind her to put sunscreen on.  I also asked her to take pictures for me.  Maybe next year, I'll be able to go with her. :)
Last year as a camper.

First year as a "Teen"

Are you taking pictures of me?!?

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